Ambition:Be a Leading Enterprise of Complete Set of Low-carbon Power System.

Mission: Achieve sustained increase of shareholder’s value on the basis of employee recognition, customer satisfaction and partner cooperation.

Long-term development tenet: Loncin relies on continuous growth, glorifies its employees and satisfies its customers.

Essential culture: respect people.

Essential value: Good faith, innovation, efficiency and equality.

Essential competitiveness: The team’s ability to learn.

Working method: Set a common goal and achieve it by using the right approach and rallying all the necessary resources.

Innovative operation, proper management  

Understand the situation,   analyze the issue in question, reveal the problem, figure out the solution and make it a rule.


Nine working principles:

★Customer care——Research and satisfy customer needs is the permanent line of work

★Decision making ——Achieve consensus, take all facts into account, verify immediately and never make decisions too quickly.

★Communication ——Think highly of the role of communication, emphasize timely communication in person, between department and at different levels; knowing “why” is more important than knowing “what”.

★Continuous improvement——Continue to eliminate waste due to over-production, defective products, unnecessary operations, excess stocks, careless material handling, unnecessary actions, long waiting time and misuse of employees’ creativity.

★One flow ——The site shall have “three no”----- no gap, no interruption and nowhere to hide problem.

Prevention of mistakes——Emphasize the use of methods for preventing and correcting mistakes.

★Tracking down——When solving a problem or optimizing a flow process, always track down to its root cause, make investigations into the case in person and validate the data and results obtained.

★Technology application——The maturity of technology and market is of greater importance than its being advanced and potential in demand. Adequate validation makes up for defects in design;  accumulation and improvement of validation standards constitute the foundation for good design.

★Standardization——Organizing operations in a flow process, standardizing record forms and computerizing operating facilities are an important way to enhance team efficiency.

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